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Picture of roadTraffic Research & Analysis, Inc. (TRA) has been providing on-call and project-specific data collection services to various cities and county governments in the states of Arizona, California and the Western United States.

Data collection capabilities include the following:

NEW! Non-Intrusive Radar

  • Vehicle Speed Counts
  • Vehicle Classification Counts
  • Vehicle Volume Counts
  • Turning Movement Counts
  • GIS Mapping of Count Locations
  • GPS Data Collection
  • Origin/Destination Surveys  
  • Road and Signage Inventories
  • Vehicle Occupancy Counts
  • Pedestrian Surveys
  • Delay Studies
  • Saturation Flow Studies
  • Video Data Capture
  • GPS Travel Time Studies
  • Queuing Studies
  • Intersection & Lane Configuration Diagrams
  • ATR Maintenance


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